$20 Down Payment Car Insurance

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Do you need cheap car insurance and don’t have much money for a down payment? If this sounds like your situation, a $20 down payment car insurance can help. With low down-payment plans, you can get on the road with legal coverage without a significant out-of-pocket expense. 

Most people just don’t know where or how to get these types of auto insurance deals. If this sounds like you, you can compare side-by-side online quotes while discovering detailed information on the subject. You can compare free auto insurance quotes to find a suitable provider with low deposit policies that fulfill your insurance requirements. This way, you will be able to find the best car insurance coverage with low deposit plans from $20 down.

Why Get a Low Down Payment Car Insurance Policy?

Before your insurance policy takes effect, your insurance carrier will most likely require you to pay in advance part of the total premium. Many policies require a down payment of $100 or more, making coverage unattainable for some consumers low on cash. However, some people don’t even have enough for a $40 deposit.

Some people have a limited budget to cover the cost of their insurance premium, and other times they just don’t have any savings at all. Undoubtedly, there could be people who have been unemployed for a long time. Students can also be another example in this exact situation. Eventual situations, such as spending all the available savings buying a new vehicle, could leave you short on budget for auto insurance. Any of these situations can be a real financial challenge, and therefore people find it necessary to look for the cheapest car insurance policy possible. So, getting coverage with $20 down payment car insurance can help people get covered, even when they are low on funds.

Fortunately, some insurers provide $20 down payment auto insurance policies. Not only does this amount fit most people’s budget, but it also represents less than the cost of a tank of gas. Very low auto insurance deposits allow cash-strapped people to get enough auto coverage without spending so much money upfront. Low deposit auto coverage would be an option that suits even those with a bad credit score. So, that is why low deposit plans are currently a trendy option.

$20 Down Payment Car Insurance

Tips to Get a No Money Down Auto Insurance

Apply for a no-money-down car insurance policy if you have no funds but need cheap car insurance. It is for sure your best option. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that you won’t get these plans through any carrier. Nor are they allowed in every state. In addition, you might not qualify if you are considered a high-risk driver due to a low credit score or your driving record. Only drivers that are regarded as low risk and have a good credit history will be able to qualify. 

Whether you need $20 down payment car insurance or full coverage for two or more vehicles, the best place to compare and buy car insurance is online. Applying for quotes from the largest auto insurance companies online seems to be the best way to get no money down car insurance. You can use your phone to apply for insurance online and purchase your insurance policy direct.  

One important tip is to compare at least ten auto insurance rates. Look for top-rated insurers with cheap down payments car insurance and low monthly installment fees that fit into your budget. Some policies have low upfront deposit requirements, from $20 down, but charge higher monthly installment plans.  

Use the personalized services of a reputed national car insurance provider online. It makes it easier to get quality coverage and will also help you save a lot of money and precious time in case you need to file a claim because you were involved in an accident. A lot of top direct carriers, including Progressive Insurance and Good To Go Insurance, have very low-down-payment plans and even offer zero down coverage in select areas.

Simply enter your ZIP code and fill out a free online application to comparison shop direct quotes.  

Getting a $20 Down Auto Insurance Policy Online

It is easy for you to get and compare affordable $20 deposit auto insurance quotes quickly online. When comparing direct quotes, you can get a policy with low deposits from $20 down with the right coverage at a low price. Let’s check the data you need to have to apply for a quote:

  • Information about the driver, including name and current address
  • Age of the Driver
  • The vehicle being insured, including model, type, and VIN number
  • Drivers license number
  • Other Drivers that will be added to the policy
  • Your Current Insurer 

By entering your ZIP code in our free online tool, you can compare affordable quotes online. You can complete a simple form in about four to five minutes to start applying. Then, you can comparison shop the cheapest rates, along with low deposit car insurance plans from $20 down.  

Compare $20 Down Payment Car Insurance Quotes 

If you are getting temporarily difficult financial circumstances, using specialized cheap direct auto insurance websites could be the best option to get lower premiums. If you qualify for a low-down-payment auto insurance policy from $20 down, that could be perfect for your circumstances.  

Comparing auto insurance quotes online has considerable advantages. You need to set up your policy by selecting the type of auto insurance that meets your needs, the coverage limits you require, and the best deposit and payment option for you. In addition, the choice of insurance provider should be based on the motivations it offers, for example, a $20 down payment car insurance policy. 

How to Get the Best $20 Down Payment Auto Insurance

No matter the state you live in, if you need to spend as little as possible on car coverage, it is advisable to start looking for dirt cheap car insurance policies with low down payments online. Through the Internet, you can compare the prices of regional and national providers quickly and easily. This way, you can find the no deposit policies with the coverage that fits your needs, and you can determine which insurers offer the lowest rates you can buy. Still, to get lower rates, there are some things you could change. This includes:

  • Increase your deductible above $1000.00
  • Avoid overlapping coverage
  • Get adequate coverage limits
  • Park your vehicle in a garage
  • Maintain your credit score above 700
  • Take advantage of available discounts
  • Drive a used car (over 8 years old)
  • Maintain uninterrupted coverage for three years or more
  • Keep your credit score above 650
  • Have an exceptional driving record
  • Choose minimum liability coverage only 

It is more peaceful to get a $20 down payment auto insurance in some states. In Florida, for example, if you meet some basic requirements, you could more easily qualify for no down payment auto insurance.

The Car you Drive will Affect your Down Payment

The make and model of your car, as well as the type of automobile you need to insure, will affect the down payment amount. So, the auto insurance deposit that you will pay upfront for an expensive vehicle will definitely be high.

For example, maybe you have a Corvette sports car, and you want to cover it with no deposit auto insurance. These high-performance cars reach incredible speeds and power. Unfortunately for you, every insurer knows that these characteristics make these vehicles very prone to being driven aggressively, leading to severe accidents with severe injuries and other damages. A severe accident can easily cost $200,000 or more in property damage and medical bills. Therefore, an insurance carrier is not likely to take on such a significant risk.  

Providers calculate many risk factors, including the costs of repair and replacement of the vehicle. There is little chance that new expensive cars will be covered by $20 down payment car insurance policies. Those with a new $65,000 BMW will hardly get a $20 down payment car insurance. They should know that, unfortunately, it is difficult to get inexpensive coverage for that vehicle.

Credit Score is Critical to Getting $20 Down Payment Car Insurance Coverage

Almost all insurance companies consider those with a good credit score to be responsible people. This is because people who wisely manage their finances tend to engage in responsible behaviors, including responsible driving. For many consumers with past financial problems, the credit score significantly affects their chances of getting auto insurance with low monthly premiums.

A good credit score will not only help get $20 deposit insurance coverage but also other valuable things like low-interest auto loans. You will likely need a good credit rating of 650 or higher if you want to be eligible for a $ 20 down payment auto insurance policy. If you haven’t reached this figure yet, you should focus on this issue right away to get a low down payment. 

Many other Factors Influence the Down Payment Amount

When an insurer sells a policy, they are assuming the risks that it entails, betting on the good driving behavior of the insured. So drivers with a used Toyota Corolla who drive only a few miles per month may be able to get no deposit coverage. 

The type of insurance the client needs will influence the deposit amount. Namely, it’s easier to get $20 down payment car insurance if you purchase a liability-only policy, for example. It is mandatory to have liability insurance to drive on public roads legally in almost every state. In some states, and depending on the insurance company, you can purchase the state minimum required coverage with no deposit for as low as $29 per month. However, you should be aware that this involves limited coverage and should represent only the initial step in covering your vehicle. Basic liability-only policies like these could end up being more harmful than beneficial in the event of a severe accident. 

Those drivers who drive recklessly, are required to file an SR-22, or have a driving history of multiple DUI convictions will be charged with a higher amount of the premium in advance. However, drivers who have had car coverage without gaps in a certain period may be able to qualify for lower down payments. 

Instant Auto Insurance with No Down Payment

You could receive instant auto insurance with no down payment quotes from reputable companies. Feel free to evaluate plenty of options that meet your particular auto coverage needs in your search for affordable quotes. To do this, you just have to submit your application online.

Comparing quotes online will make finding the right payment option for your financial conditions is straightforward. Almost all car insurance providers offer reasonably inexpensive monthly payment plans. It could not only cut down on your auto insurance budget but also leave some money available for other necessary expenses, like gas or car wash. Remember, only drivers that meet specific criteria will be eligible for a $20 down payment car insurance. If you are a driver with a history of driving infractions or poor credit, you will have to pay a higher down payment, typically $100 or higher.   

Often, clients looking for free coverage are likely not to stick with a specific carrier for the long run. They usually choose to cancel the policy, miss a payment, or make a false claim in the worst case. If you are a higher-risk motorist, you probably won’t find cheap car insurance under $50. However, you could still do some extensive research to find the most affordable car coverage in your area, based on your risk profile.  

Is Zero Down Payment Auto Insurance A Real Option?

Insurers wow consumers with the unrealistic idea of free auto insurance policies. Meanwhile, insurers focus on their clients renewing the insurance policy year after year and being able to pay for coverage without delay. Unfortunately, a down payment is a requirement for most auto insurance providers. A free car insurance policy is just not true. Do not believe if someone tells you otherwise because this simply does not exist.

Even if $0 down payment car insurance is legal in your state, your policy will not take effect until you pay the first installment amount. This is because insurers won’t risk covering you if they don’t get some type of payment first.

If someone tells you they offer free car insurance, it’s just not true. It’s kind of a pun when they say you get a no deposit policy, but still, you need to make a payment before your policy goes into effect. When you get a zero deposit auto insurance policy, the first month’s premium payment will, in fact, act as a down payment.

Anyway, you shouldn’t stop looking for the best policy with the lowest down payment possible. Several top-tier carriers offer $20 deposit car insurance deals, which is the next best thing to zero down coverage. Here are some factors that insurers consider to qualify for this type of deal: 

  • Be 25 years of age or older
  • Have an Impeccable Driving Record
  • Have your Credit Score above 750
  • Get a Vehicle that is Cheap to Insure 

Find Providers that Offer $20 Down Car Insurance Coverage

When searching for the cheapest auto insurance with the lowest deposit requirements, always compare rates and plans from multiple providers. First, try to find a provider that specializes in no down payment insurance or offering policies with a very low deposit required, as low as $20. 

If a driver is considered safe and not prone to an accident, they are likely to receive incentives from their insurance provider, like coverage with a low down payment. Conversely, the company will charge a higher deposit to those drivers who represent a higher risk.

Insurers that Offer $20 Down Payment Auto Insurance

As discussed previously, not very many carriers offer $20 down car insurance, but a few do. Here are several verified insurance companies that sell these low deposit policies. 

  • Progressive Insurance
  • Kemper
  • 21st Century
  • State Farm 
  • USAA
  • Farm Bureau
  • Erie
  • Auto-Owners
  • Travelers 

Our top two picks for low down payment car insurance coverage are Progressive and State Farm Insurance. Progressive has some of the most flexible payment options of any insurer. 

States With No Deposit Car Insurance Allowed

No down payment auto insurance is available in some states in the United States. You are able to buy a zero deposit policy in the following states:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Florida
  • New York
  • Georgia
  • Oklahoma
  • Washington

California has the most insurers that offer no deposit auto insurance and low down payment requirements, starting at 20 dollars down car insurance. Get free online quotes and compare the cheapest side-by-side rates.  

Available Payment Options for Low Deposit Auto Insurance Policies 

Policyholders can benefit from installment plans if they cannot afford to pay the full premium in a single payment upfront. These programs are payments that you make monthly. Insurance providers offer these plans before you buy the policy. However, in most cases, in order for your policy to become active, you need to pay the first installment in addition to the initial deposit. 

Insurers are more flexible with payment options now than ever. If you qualify for a zero-down auto insurance policy, you will just need to make the first installment payment, and your policy will be active. Most carriers offer:

  • Full premium payment in a lump sum
  • Make payments every 6 months in two installments
  • Quarterly payments are available for six and twelve month policies.
  • Make monthly payments (the best option for most insured)

You have several payment options to make your initial deposit and installment payments. An advantage of getting a direct auto insurance policy is the availability of online payments. You can use your smartphone to make a payment in seconds or set up a recurring payment option. Some of the most popular payment methods are:

  • Money orders
  • Checks
  • PayPal
  • Credit or Debit Cards
  • Wire transfers

Convenient Auto-Payment Plans

Almost all carriers offer policies and the option to pay monthly. Conveniently, these policies are accompanied by automatic payment schedules. If you need a policy with the lowest possible deposit, you will probably choose to pay your premium in monthly installments.

The amount of your monthly premium will be automatically charged to your debit or credit card or deducted from your bank account regularly on the same day every month. Remember that you can control the payment method and often what date to make a recurring policy payment. 

If you have trouble setting up an automatic payment online, call a company representative and get assistance so you never miss a payment. Keep in mind that if you miss a payment, your insurer could cancel your policy in a short time.

Low Deposit Car Insurance for Young Drivers

There is a frequent problem that particularly drivers under the age of 25 have to deal with. They tend to obtain auto insurance with very high rates and pay high amounts for auto loans. Even worse, many teens just can’t afford to get their vehicle covered.

Young drivers are a group with high accident rates. They tend to have bad driving behaviors, like texting while driving and performing risky maneuvers. So, are young drivers able to find low-down coverage or even zero-deposit policies? It never hurts to try, even if the odds are stacked against them.

After comparing enough quotes, maybe the driver feels ready to make the purchase. Now is the time to consider purchasing a basic policy, as the minimum amount of liability coverage required by the state would help you save money on your insurance premium. Also, lower premiums generally come with lower down payments. Thus, you may only have to pay a deposit of $45 for a 6-month auto liability policy of $370.00.

Large companies often offer less strict programs with low deposits. This is why the first thing to do should be to compare several plans from large direct providers such as Esurance or Progressive. This way, you can get a deposit car insurance as low as $20, even when the initial payment use to be $50 or more.

Another thing that would help you lower your initial deposit is to get a cheap car to insure. The initial deposit for a Ford Focus with ten years of operation will be lower than if you need to insure a new Corvette. Those who own older used cars will be offered the lowest deposits.

No Down Payment Car Insurance for Seniors

After age 55, drivers are considered safer. This is why they will generally see their rates become considerably lower after this age. Statistically speaking, drivers between the ages of 55 and 65 are more responsible and get involved in fewer traffic accidents, especially when compared to younger drivers. This is because they do not often get in races with other drivers or use their mobile phones while driving.

In addition, older people do not usually change companies frequently but stay for years, renewing the policy with the same insurer. They also tend to pay their bills on the spot. All of this makes insurers more inclined to sell coverage to seniors and offer them inexpensive low-deposit car insurance. Cheap car insurance in PA with low down payment is just one example of a plan that helps senior drivers save a lot of money. 

Senior drivers generally get the lowest down payments among drivers of all ages. This is primarily because they typically drive less than 800 miles per month. It is common for them to qualify for a $20 down payment car insurance in certain areas.

Start comparing auto insurance for seniors with a low down payment online by entering your ZIP code. 

Getting Cheap Full Coverage Auto Insurance with No Down Payment

Obtaining comprehensive or collision auto insurance with no down payment could be challenging. These policies are usually costly because they provide greater coverage, including the scenario where your car is totaled or stolen. In essence, when an insurer sells a comprehensive coverage policy, it assumes a greater risk, so it is much more expensive than liability-only policy. However, by comparing multiple policy rates, you can find low deposit plans from $20 if you couldn’t get full coverage insurance with no down payment.

Finding the Best Minimum Car Insurance with Low Deposit 

Some agents may offer cheap $20 auto insurance quotes, but it is more convenient and easy to get and compare quotes online. You can spend less time and energy getting faster responses through Internet methods. In just a few minutes, you can get essential information offered by different providers about their $20 deposit car insurance coverage options through various websites. Therefore, this will save you money.

Get familiar with The Most Important Types of Coverage:

Before considering coverage options and choosing your car insurance policy, you must know the minimum coverage required by the laws of your state. Below you can get familiar with the essential types of coverage you can get.

Liability Insurance: This coverage covers the repair costs of the other vehicle in the event of an at-fault accident. Additionally, it covers other people’s properties damaged in the accident.

Comprehensive Automobile Coverage: This type of insurance protects the vehicle in case of an accident not related to a collision. Damages due to natural disasters, vandalism, theft, fire, falling objects, and more are all covered.

Collision Auto Coverage: In the event of a collision, this insurance covers repair damage to your vehicle.

Personal Injury Protection or PIP: This type of coverage is also known as Medical Payment coverage, and it is because it covers the medical expenses of the people involved in the accident, including the driver, passengers, and anyone else involved.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage: If an uninsured motorist causes a car accident, this type coverage covers damages and injuries suffered by the driver and passengers.

Underinsured Motorist Coverage: In an accident involving a driver with inadequate coverage to cover the damages, this insurance will cover medical expenses and other costs incurred by the driver or their passengers.

You can learn more about low deposit car insurance on Wikipedia. In addition, you will be able to compare direct quotes within a few clicks by entering your ZIP code below. You can start saving right away.

Low Down Payment Auto Insurance: Pros and Cons

Auto insurance with no down payment may seem like the best deal for you. However, consider that low deposit insurance could be more expensive during the policy life. For instance, if you purchase a no deposit policy, you will pay twelve installments of $150, which equates to $ 1,800 per year. 

You might find a provider that offers a policy with a required deposit of $200 the first month. There is a larger upfront financial payment, but installment payments are only $110 for the remaining 11 months of the policy. In general, the larger your deposit is, the lower your monthly installment payments will be.  

Those drivers who are in financial crisis but urgently need $20 down payment car insurance just can’t afford a deposit of $100 or even $50. So, to get very cheap car insurance with no deposit, they could agree to spend more money in the long run and secure legal coverage. 

If you can pay the entire premium upfront, this could be a good decision. This would save you some money on your premium and avoid worrying about making monthly payments.

Getting Auto Insurance with the Lowest Down Payment Online

Obtaining your auto insurance online is often the most effective way of getting a policy with a low down payment. Those facing auto insurance purchase for the first time can get coverage with very low deposits from $0 to $40 through several carriers on the Internet. You can also meet your individual needs with a customized policy. You can also add coverage to your policy, choose a payment plan that works for you based on your budget, and change your coverage limits.

Online methods are so convenient. Only by using a computer or a phone connected to the Internet can you benefit from the advantages of obtaining online quotes and saving money and precious time in the process. Leveraging the convenience of online shopping, you can explore the low deposit auto coverage options available.

With Citizens Insurance, you can get extensive information on cheap $20 down payment car insurance plans. The process is easy and quick if you want to find out which provider offers the best car insurance with low down payment. You just need to complete your online quote request by entering your ZIP code and completing the form with your personal requirements and submit. Keep in mind that you could get tailored car insurance coverage in a moment with just a few clicks.

We can also assist you if you need to contact a licensed and professional agent online.

Save Money by Comparing Quotes Online

You may already assume that contacting an agent by phone or visiting regional auto insurance offices could require precious time. However, comfortably and from anywhere, you can get online quotes in no time. You can compare quotes online almost anywhere today using your smartphone, even comfortably on a beach vacation.

You can comparison shop direct rates online and save money and precious time. Compare the cheapest quotes from top insurers in the US, side by side. Every quote is non-binding and will help you make an informed decision on what company provides the best coverage with the cheapest price. 


Locating no down payment car insurance is certainly an exhausting task most of the time. If you are a safe driver with a good credit score, and own and drive a used car, you might be able to get a no money down car insurance policy. If you are not eligible for a zero-down policy, you may qualify for a low deposit of just $20. However, However, without going over the limits of your insurance budget, you will be able to get a policy with the right coverage for your insurance needs. Still, you may need the assistance of an expert.

Applying for $20 down payment car insurance has never been easier. Compare the most affordable rates with the lowest deposits in minutes. Additionally, you could meet your precise insurance needs by highly customizing your policy while saving time. 

Get good coverage while saving money on auto insurance. Enter your ZIP code and apply for quotes from accredited providers. You will be able to compare very cheap rates with low deposits in just a few minutes. Waste no more time.