ACCC Insurance Review: 2021 Guide

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ACCC Insurance Company Overview

ACCC Insurance Company is a privately held carrier focused on personal auto insurance at affordable rates. The provider primarily sells its coverage through a network of about 3,000 licensed insurance agents. In additionACCC sells competitively priced non-standard coverage to higher-risk drivers. The company is based in Houston, Texas, and first began operations in 1997.  

ACCC Insurance

ACCC Insurance CompanyFast Facts

ACCC is a specialty insurance company that sells non-standard auto insurance policies. The carrier provides needed coverage for drivers with past DUI infractions and reckless driving charges, among other violations. Many motorists who could not find any coverage because of their high-risk profile find a solution with ACCC car insurance coverage. 

Several customers need coverage right away but don’t want to be burdened with a long 12-month policy. One advantage that ACCC has over the competition is they offer one-month policies.

You should be aware that the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has given the insurer a poor rating. In addition, the insurer is non-accredited by the BBB. This is a bad signal that demonstrates customers are not happy with ACCC. 

Where is ACCC Insurance Available?

The company is a licensed insurer in nine states and is mainly focused on serving the southern regions of the US. ACCC Insurance has a strong presence in the Texas market, Alabama, Georgia, New Mexico, Mississippi, and South Carolina. Policies are sold through ACCC agents. 

In recent years, the company improved its online web properties and might provide both quotes and policies online soon. To compare prices on non-standard coverage, enter your zip code and fill out an instant quote application

ACCC Insurance Coverage

The main focus of ACCC is selling non-standard auto insurance. ACCC has a reputation for insuring almost any driver, regardless of their past driving history.

ACCC Non-standard Vehicle Coverage includes:

  • Bodily Injury Policies
  • Property Damage
  • Roadside Assistance and Towing
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage

ACCC policies can be purchased for just 30 days and up to twelve months. They are one of the few U.S. insurers offering one-month car insurance policies. In the non-standard market, many customers just want to get covered for a short period. Over half of the insurer’s policies are just 30 days. While many people end up renewing their policy, many do so with another 30-day period, while others try and get better rates and coverage through a more traditional provider. 

ACCC Insurance Costs  

Drivers under the age of 25 pay the highest insurance rates with ACCC. Young motorists often pay rates over $250 a month with a non-standard policy. This is why so many customers opt for a 30-day ACCC Auto Insurance policy. 

For drivers over 25 that do not have a DUI conviction, rates can often be under $200 per month, which is still expensive. ACCC Insurance determines rates by the risk profile of each driver. This includes:

  • Drivers Age
  • Driving Record
  • Vehicle Driven
  • Zip Code where the vehicle is parked
  • Homeowner or Renter
  • Marital Status and Gender

Because ACCC sells non-standard policies, rates are much more expensive than standard insurance. Again, because of the high cost of non-standard policies, many people choose 30-day coverage.  

ACCC Insurance Discounts

Still, the insurer offers specific discounts that drivers can qualify for. While the insurer does not have as many discounts as most standard companies, they do offer discounts.  

  • Military Discount
  • Accident-Free Discount
  • Low Mileage Driver Discount
  • Senior Citizen Discount

 Get a Free ACCC Insurance Quote

You can a licensed agent toll-free to get a free ACCC Auto Insurance quote between the hours of 9 AM and 6 PM central time. At this time, you cannot get a quote online at or the branded website To compare good rates on non-standard coverage, get a free auto insurance quote online with this free comparison tool. The quote application only takes about five minutes to fill out, and most drivers can save up to $600 by buying direct.  

ACCC Insurance has two Websites

The main website for ACCC Insurance is The company uses a logo of an eagle on its website; hence the name “drive with the eagle.” In the past couple of years, the provider has developed a new website, and the company plans to move most of its online focus to. 

At, you can’t get an auto insurance quote or buy a policy, but there are a few options for active policyholders. This includes: 

  • Pay Your Bill
  • File a Claim and track an existing claim
  • View Your Policy
  • Print-out Identification Cards
  • Download the new ACCC Insurance App

One key feature of the ACCC website is it’s in both English and Spanish. Many customers, especially those in the south, only speak Spanish. Having the site in Spanish is a key competitive advantage that helps serve the growing Latino population.  

The insurance website also provides contact information and how to get ahold of an agent or company representative. It’s important to note that normal business hours are 9 to 6 PM central time. The new insurance app is available for iOS and Android users. Once downloaded, customers can use the app to make payments, set up future or recurring payments, check their policies, and print out an identification card.   

Available Payment Methods

  •  Credit Card or Debit Card Payments are Accepted
  •   Electronic Check and Wire Transfers
  •   Checks by Mail Payment

ACCC Insurance Ratings and Reviews

Recently, ACCC has had an overall bad reputation. One of the main complaints is claim payments being late or non-payment of claims. In addition, many people feel like customer service is lacking, especially when a customer has filed a claim and needs an immediate answer. 

As stated earlier, ACCC has an F rating with the BBB. Complaints include:

“I filed my claim over 2 months ago and have not received a penny from ACCC. Their customer service reps always promise me the claim payout is ready, but I have not received anything and cannot make repairs to my vehicle. I don’t know what to do now.”  Kyle Rawlings, Tyler, Texas.  

Legal Troubles 

ACCC insurance was placed into receivership on October 21st, 2020, by a Texas judge. The company is essentially insolvent going forward and cannot meet its financial obligations. 

Currently, ACCC is not writing new policies and is looking for a partner with a strong financial position to take over its operations.

Final Takeaways On ACCC

ACCC insurance should be avoided as the insurer has severe financial problems and is in receivership. In addition, existing policyholders are in a dubious position and might not get any claim payouts in the event they get into an accident and file a claim.

Other alternatives in the non-standard auto insurance market are far better than ACCC Insurance. These include stronger companies like Good to Go Insurance or even 

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