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Citizens Home Insurance Florida

One of the premier insurers in select markets throughout the United States is Citizens Property Insurance. The company has a long tradition of providing quality coverage at affordable rates in regions often unrepresented by other companies. Citizens home insurance has been in the Florida market for years and has offered affordable coverage to residents when there was almost no alternative carrier in the state.

One of the main reasons why Citizens is one of the few providers that remain in the Florida market is the severe weather that often inflicts billions in damages to large suburban coastal cities like Miami. Many companies suffered extensive losses in Florida and pulled out of the state for years, leaving residents few alternatives. However, Citizens home insurance remained a steady insurer and is committed to covering Florida for decades to come.

Homeowners Coverage Basics

Home insurance, which is also commonly referred to simply as property insurance, hazard, or HOI, is an insurance plan that covers a person’s private residence. It provides coverage for damage to the structure of a home and damage or loss of personal possessions. It will provide financial assistance for additional expenses or losses to contents, such as a person’s personal computer or damaged jewelry.   

When your home suffers damage, you need to look for alternative accommodation while your house is being repaired. This type of added coverage can really help in your time of distress. Finally, it will usually cover you for liability claims that others file, such as someone injured while visiting your property. Typical incidents are home workers, such as painters, who have an accident while working at the home. 

Selecting the right type of coverage is very important and something everyone should take their time with and read all the fine print in the policy. Get a free Citizens Home Insurance quote online or call toll-free to get a quote with a licensed agent.

Quality Home Insurance at Affordable Rates

Citizens is a great place to start if you are looking for quality homeowners insurance. You can get quotes from other insurers online in your home area and compare their rates to Citizens. Before selecting a policy, it’s wise to get as many quotes as possible, preferably ten or more. There’s a perfect chance Citizens Homeowners Insurance will have the lowest rates and better coverage to match.

The quote process takes about 10 minutes to complete, and you can even use your smartphone or any other device connected to the web to get a quote. It can be an eye-opening experience for those who have never compared rates online. Many people report saving hundreds per year on their premiums while still maintaining excellent coverage.

You can also contact local agents and brokers to compare rates further, so you know you are getting the best possible deal. Enter your zip code now and apply for a free Citizens Homeowners Insurance rate quote for your property.

Shop for Cheap Home Insurance Rates Online

The fastest and most effective way to find the best home insurance is to shop online. Get quotes from the best insurance companies in your local area with a policy that will meet your requirements. You can also contact a local insurance agency and put an expert to work and compare custom quotes.

Agents can arrange for you to receive several quotes from different providers. This will help you get insured for the best possible rate that meets your personal budget. Get started today with a free quote. 

Citizens Home Insurance Cost

The cost of home insurance is affected by a long list of factors. This includes where you live, the type of property you own, the age of your home, and the degree of security provided for the property. Rates will also vary widely from one insurance company to the next. This is why it’s so important to compare as many quotes as possible, preferably ten or more, as stated earlier.

Citizens Insurance is typically lower than most competitors. In fact, many properties can be insured for less than $1,200 per year, which is under $100 a month for those making monthly installment payments. You might also try phoning your local insurers to obtain a quote, although this can be time-consuming and will not usually produce the lowest rates for the coverage you are looking for.

The cost of Citizens homeowners insurance depends on a variety of factors, including where you are living, the type of property you own, the age of your home, and the degree of security provided for the property. Rates will also vary widely from one insurance company to the next.

The low rates offered by Citizens Insurance are one of the reasons why the company continues to grow at such a rapid rate. If you need homeowner’s insurance cost under $100 a month, apply for a quote and compare low-cost rates in minutes.

Home Insurance Can Be Expensive 

Many people take huge risks and don’t buy coverage because it can be costly. But in such a competitive market, there must be some cheap insurance options, right? That’s true some of the time, but guess what? When you buy insurance, what you want most is to find a good company that really secures your house in every possible way at a fair rate. This is where Citizens Home Insurance can help you get covered for less. 

Remember, there are some smart ways to make your Citizens home insurance cheaper. You will get some discounts like bundling auto and home insurance together, which can save you 10% or more. As you must get car insurance anyway, why not combine it with Citizens Homeowners Insurance? You would save hundreds and reduce the headaches of several policies with different insurers. You can also increase your deductible, which will save you hundreds per year.   

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Citizens Homeowners Insurance Agents

Every homeowner wants the peace of mind that their home is sufficiently covered against loss or damage. Your Citizens home insurance agent will work with you to determine the best coverage limits. They will also determine which carrier will offer the best coverage at the best possible price.

Because we are a Trusted Choice™ agency, we are not employees of any one insurance company. We can provide you with an unbiased view of available home insurance offered by top-rated providers. Find the carrier that suits your particular needs in minutes. Talk to a Citizens agent today free of any charges or obligation.

Call a Citizens Home Insurance’s Office

We are committed to providing a timely response, but there are times when email responses can be slower than usual. If you do not hear from us for some reason, visit our website. Then, please call back our offices toll-free at your convenience. 

We want to respond quickly to your inquiry, as we value your business. Your name and email address are required. Other fields are optional. If you want us to call you, we can only do so if you provide that information. Otherwise, we will reply via email.

Citizens Home Insurance Quotes

Please feel free to call your local Citizens insurance office or use the email or quote-request links. Begin the home insurance quotation process online by answering a few questions. If you’re viewing this page during normal business hours of 9/5, Monday to Friday, please call us to get started on a Home Insurance Quote request over the phone if you prefer that method.  

Feel free to use our toll-free number listed above. Or submit this form which will generate an email to us. Please let us know what type of insurance you are interested in discussing with us and your preferred means of contact for your free quote. We will get back to you within one business day and often less than an hour. 


The simplest way to reduce your future home insurance costs is by buying the best coverage at the lowest rates. You will find that Citizens home insurance often has the best rates for the coverage you are looking for. 

Get a free online quote today to see how easy it is to save on quality homeowners protection. Enter your zip code and fill out a free online application to get started. Start your quote online or call now for a quote. Get your home covered today for less with Citizens Property Insurance.