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At Citizens Insurance Florida Group, Inc., we’re here when you need us the most. For over 70 years, we’re been your local source for all your needs in Florida. We offer a wide variety of personal insurance. This includes insurance for your vehicle, motorcycle, boat, recreational vehicle, home or rental property, as well as affordable life insurance. We also offer an excellent selection of commercial insurance. This includes general liability, worker’s compensation, group life and health, and many other types of insurance. If you need coverage, Citizens Insurance Florida can get you covered at low-cost rates.

Citizens Insurance Group, Inc.Citizens Auto Insurance works with many insurance companies, so you can be sure you’re getting the best coverage at the lowest possible rates.  We’ll be happy to assist you in finding the coverage that best suits your particular needs, as well as your budget. Call us today for more information or an instant over the phone quote at (844) 509-8603. We look forward to serving you in the near future and helping you find insurance solutions that save you money.

Citizens Insurance Florida

Car insurance is not only mandatory for people driving in the United States but it’s also one of the best pieces of protection that a person can get for the money. It’s also the law in Florida. If you drive a car in the sunshine state, make sure it’s covered or you’re breaking the law.

Citizens car insurance in Florida will provide coverage at affordable rates with low down payment options. Good drivers can qualify for very cheap auto insurance with a $20 down payment. We will provide around the clock service to assist you. This means if an accident occurs, you’re not only protected, but the people in your vehicle are protected along with those involved in the accident.

Driving can be dangerous and costly if you get into an accident. When you have citizens car insurance by your side to protect you, it will make driving that much safer. You can get a free quote anytime online by filling out a quick quote application or over the phone.

Citizens Insurance Florida Customer Service

Citizens auto insurance is different than other insurers for many reasons. At Citizens, clients are treated more than a statistic or a number. We take the time to get to know the needs of each customer so we can serve them better. That means focusing on the individual person and working to create solutions for their needs. That is the customer service difference that sets us apart from other companies. Getting the right insurance coverage can be a difficult task and many people need expert guidance to help them along the way.

That’s what we do best

The most important thing for people to consider when shopping for automobile insurance is to look for a company that is interested in the client’s best interest and focusing on that. Insurance companies that deal directly with clients forge relationships and often a lifetime business. This is why it’s so important to meet and get to know each customer. Citizens insurance Florida is committed to helping every customer, whether or not they become a policyholder. Get a quote today and see the difference for yourself.

Citizens Insurance Florida Reviews

Another good idea is for consumers to look at customer reviews of the insurer that they are considering doing business with. Citizens Insurance FL has great reviews because we work hard at serving every person. It’s our mission every single day.

There’s no reason in looking at a company whose customer reviews are average or even terrible. Citizens good reviews say it all. We are an insurer you can trust and rely on. Looking at many providers’ service records and their claims will show you how they handle their clients and the issues that come up during the claim process. If you’re finding people complain about slow claims service or horrible customer service keep on looking or turn to us.

Fast Claim Service

It’s important to find a no deposit auto insurance company that will be on top of issues and claims the minute they receive them. This means things like around the clock claim service. No one wants to wait for days or even weeks to hear something back from their insurance company after they have been involved in an automobile accident.

Making sure that there is an insurer out there that will work with you and make sure that all of their customer’s needs are being met is extremely important. Citizens Ins Florida works to make filing a claim as easy as possible. We provide over the phone support, online tracking, and fast payments. See the difference for yourself and get quoted today.

Save More with Citizens Fla

Another important thing to look at is the savings that a customer can get when they’re looking at Citizens insurance Florida. Before a person decides to sign on with a specific car insurance company, they need to make sure that all of the potential savings and rates have been researched.

There are tons of discounts and savings that are available to people if they simply ask for them or apply. Many people do not take advantage of all the available auto and home insurance discounts that are readily available. This is why we show you the discounts you qualify for before you buy a policy. 

Qualify for Insurance Discounts

There are so many discounts that will have people hundreds of dollars each year, but it’s unfortunate, many people don’t know about the available discounts or simply don’t ask about them. For example, if someone decides to combine their auto and homeowner’s coverage, they will see big savings. It’s also a lot cheaper for an insurance company to combine a person’s automobile insurance as well as their homeowner’s insurance in Florida together. People that want to bundle their insurance can save 15% or more with Citizens.

Way to Reduce Your Monthly Premiums

Another great way to reduce your monthly premiums and see a lot of savings is by raising your deductible. Many people would rather only have to pay out a hundred or two hundred dollars when an accident occurs. However, this can be costly in terms of higher premiums.

If a person would just raise their deductible to five hundred dollars, or even a thousand, they would realize serious savings of 20% or in some cases even more. Other ways to achieve real savings and see your premium go down more and more each month is by doing the following:

  • Have and maintain a good, clean driving record 
  • Drive a vehicle that’s cheap to insure
  • Live in an Area that has Cheaper Insurance Rates like a rural town
  • Get Excellent Grades (for those in school).
  • Avoid at-fault Accidents
  • Take a Defensive Driving class

Choosing an Insurer You Can Trust

Once someone has done their research and realized the savings that they were looking for, they should have a pretty good idea about which insurance provider they want to use. We are proud that so many Florida residents choose Citizens Insurance Florida with all their coverage needs.

Finding the right insurance company can be a difficult task, but if a person is well informed about their specific needs and what they’re searching for, they will often make the most educated and informed decision. Get quoted today. Start by entering your zip code.

Citizens Auto Insurance Coverage Benefits

When deciding on auto insurance coverage in Florida, it’s important to make sure you have the best possible coverage that you can afford. In the event you get into a wreck, you need good Citizens car insurance Fl. Car accidents are more expensive than ever. This is why you should get higher insurance limits, so you can cover these unfortunate events. At Citizens, we can get you quality auto insurance under $100 a month with great benefits. In the rare case you get into a wreck, you will be covered. This gives you greater peace of mind and security.

See the Citizens Insurance Florida Difference for Yourself

Call now and get a quote over the phone or online. Many people with good driving records can save $500 or more. See how easy it is to save on FL auto and home insurance today.