0 Down Car Insurance

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Are you searching for 0 down car insurance? If you meet some basic requirements, you can qualify for it, but truth be told, it’s difficult to find these types of policies. Not many insurers offer zero down auto insurance, and they are only legal in a few select states. 

This policy can benefit drivers in a “cash crunch” who also need to get covered immediately with minimum out-of-pocket expenses. To compare low deposit plans from up to ten carriers, enter your zip code and fill out a short application.

0 down car insurance

Not All Drivers will Qualify for Zero Down Car Insurance   

Drivers who are low risk and have driven years without an at-fault accident have the best chance at qualifying for $0 down auto insurance. Carriers do not widely promote these types of policies because they often lose money on them. The excellent news is select drivers can qualify and get insured for a minimal upfront cost.     

However, if your driving record reflects a bad driving history, such as DUIs, reckless driving, or speeding tickets, you might not qualify for this type of policy. You will need to pay a higher deposit amount in this scenario and increased premiums. For motorists with more than one DUI or reckless driving charge, they might not be able to find an insurer willing to cover them.

It’s important to note that not every state legally allows insurers to offer 0 down auto insurance policies. The good news is several states do allow it. This includes the largest state in the U.S., California, with almost 40 million residents. 

California has more insurers than any other state, which increases a person’s chance of finding a zero down auto insurance policy. The California auto insurance market is very competitive, with insurers often offering many incentives, such as no deposit plans.

States that offer 0 down car insurance deals include:

Low Deposit Car Insurance From $20 Down

The best way to find these low deposit auto insurance deals is to compare side-by-side rates and deposit requirements where you live. Quote comparison sites will allow you to 

Review up to ten quotes from leading national and regional insurers. Enter your zip code to start your free quote and get matched with insurers offering the lowest deposit policies.    

If you don’t reside in one of these select states, then there are other options you can take advantage of. These options include providers that offer low-cost coverage from just $20 down or first month free car insurance deals. This low $20 amount fits into almost anyone’s budget and helps drivers who are low on funds get legally insured without putting down a significant deposit. 

For example, if someone were quoted $1,220 for an annual policy with a $20 deposit, the first month’s payment would be $120. This amount includes the $20 deposit and the installment payment of $100. As with $0 down car insurance, not everyone will qualify for $20 down auto insurance, and not all insurers offer deposits this low. 

The less risk a driver poses, the greater the chance of qualifying for low down payment auto insurance. Here’s an excellent quick tip. If you get a ticket, it’s always smart to go to traffic school, so it does not permanently stay on your driving record.

Insurers that Offer Auto Insurance with Zero Down

Multiple national insurers offer the above policies. These include:

  • Allstate
  • Progressive
  • State Farm
  • Safe Auto
  • Kemper

There are direct insurers like Progressive that allow you to buy 0 down auto insurance in minutes. In fact, you can even use your smartphone to buy a policy online or with any device connected to the internet. You can compare online rates and buy a policy, all in less than fifteen minutes.

Not Everyone Will Qualify for 0 Down Car Insurance

As stated previously, not all motorists will qualify for these deals. The truth is most won’t. Besides a person’s driving record, other factors might prevent someone from getting auto insurance 0 down payment. This includes something that many people never think of, credit score. 

Auto insurers are placing more emphasis on a person’s credit rating in recent years. There is a lot of data that shows a person’s credit score correlates to risk. The lower the credit score is, the more often a driver files a claim or engages in insurance fraud. Those drivers with higher scores, above 750, for example, get in far fewer accidents and don’t engage in much insurance fraud.


Keep your credit score above 650 and increase your chances of qualifying for $0 down car insurance. Other important factors include a driver’s age, vehicle, and driving record, which will all influence premiums and the initial deposit required to get covered.

One piece of advice to get zero down auto insurance is to obey all traffic laws. This includes common traffic laws like speeding, yielding to pedestrians, and running red lights. The better your driving record is, the lower your auto insurance will be in most cases. You also want to stay away from new, expensive vehicles that will not only cost you more to insure but will require a larger upfront deposit.

Compare the Best Rates and Lowest Deposit Plans Online 

To get the cheapest insurance possible and increase your chances of finding a 0 down car insurance plan, you should compare multiple rates online. Direct carriers like Progressive Insurance and Esurance have some of the lowest deposit requirements and overall rates because they have built-in cost savings with their direct-to-consumer model.  

With one application, you can compare rates from top-rated national and regional carriers. To get started, enter your zip code and fill out a quick five-minute application. Most drivers save $550 or more with direct pricing. See how much you can save today.