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Many homeowners in Florida have their properties insured by Citizens Property Insurance Florida because other insurers turned them down. According to FLASH (Federal Alliance for Safe Homes), many Florida properties are susceptible to several perils. Natural events frequently occur in Florida, including thunderstorms, wildfires, extreme heat, tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods. Many insurance companies that once served the Florida market have pulled out due to heavy losses resulting from these natural events. 

Citizens Property Insurance, for years, has been a “lifeline” for homeowners that need to cover their property, and who otherwise could not find coverage. Compared to almost all private providers in FL, the state-owned Citizens Insurance Florida Corporation is often the only option.

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Citizens Property Insurance Florida

Citizens is often considered a “last resort” provider for Florida homeowners. A significant benefit: Citizens is a not-for-profit insurer, and as a result, has affordable home insurance plans. This helps those FL homeowners who cannot find or purchase coverage from private providers save money while still getting quality insurance.  

Florida is not the only state where homeowner insurance is difficult to get. The same thing happens in many southeastern United States that are susceptible to severe natural events like hurricanes.  

In the Southeastern United States, such as Florida and North Carolina, many properties are listed under the “hard-to-insure” category. It means the properties have higher risk factors than those in other areas, and the homeowners have to pay expensive premiums for coverage. Due to extreme weather and probable disasters, the houses usually need more expensive risk coverage. Premiums can be costly and out of a homeowner’s budget in these high-risk areas, but there are available options and ways to save money on coverage.  

Citizens Insurance Florida can get “hard to insure” properties covered. For insurers in North Carolina and Florida, the insurability of all properties located near lakes and coasts is always in question. If the properties do get insured, expect an increased monthly premium. If a severe weather event takes place, like a tornado, rates will rise more than usual.  

Check with Citizens Insurance Florida Company if anything other than Natural Disasters Affects Insurability

Your house may be located in a safe place where the impact of natural disasters is unlikely to reach it. Even so, Citizens Insurance Florida has some other reasons to categorize your property as “hard to insure”. In most cases, home insurance is not merely protecting a house from natural disasters but also vandalism. 

When your house is in a particular area where crimes are often significant issues, like home theft and vandalism, you may have difficulties getting it insured. It is also worth mentioning that when a home is frequently vacant, there is a greater risk of crimes like theft taking place.  

The Conditions of Your Property also Affects Insurability

Some aspects of a homeowner’s house, such as a swimming pool, pond, or trampoline, can be problems. If you have an aggressive pet, like a pit bull dog, you can expect to pay more for coverage.  

A combination of pets and bugs, like termite damage, can often create problems. Some pets or dog breeds, including but not limited to Rottweiler, Pit Bull, German Shepherd, Siberian Husky, and Chow, often get into trouble when they are nearby swimming pools, ponds, or trampolines.

Of course, you can train the pets to behave or not damage anything. However, insurers will still consider some breeds as high-risk pets. Although the danger is probably not as great as disasters, the presence of high-risk pets in the house can raise your hurt premiums. From the standpoint of a policy, a more significant risk means a higher price for the coverage.

Your Best Bet is to Get Citizens Insurance Florida

All things considered, if you have properties in Florida, your best bet will be Citizens Insurance Florida. This not-for-profit insurer provides coverage even for high-risk properties when other providers simply won’t. There is, however, a small problem. If Citizens Insurance has insured you, you may need to make changes to the payment concerning deductibles and other related matters due to policy changes and new rules. Several deductibles also change with the new regulations. It means you may need to consult insurance agents about the specific details.

It is always recommended that homeowners or renters should always compare quotes from many insurance companies. This way, you will get the best coverage based on your own circumstances. You can find an insurance broker or independent agent to make quote comparisons. It would be best to compare as many quotes as you can from both regional and national carriers. An agent might be able to get the best insurance coverage for you, but you may need to pay more for the agent’s service. 

Since Florida is an area where natural disasters are not uncommon, you must get your properties insured as soon as possible. Once again, Homeowner Insurance from Citizens Insurance Florida is the best place to go. In most cases, every procedure from applying to signing the policies will be quicker. This is because the insurer does not care if your house is exposed to a high risk of damages due to natural disasters. You can rest assured that the home insurance application will be accepted; the only thing to think about is whether you purchase the correct coverage type to protect your property correctly.

Why is CPIC the Best Option in Florida?

The CPIC (Citizens Property Insurance Corporation) started in 2002 as a government attempt to accommodate the difficulties of getting insured by companies in Florida. The climate in Florida is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. It’s famous for its sunshine, but hurricanes and heavy rain are also part of Florida’s life. As previously mentioned, storms are not uncommon, meaning properties or houses are always in danger of being destroyed.

Some companies will require you to pay costly premiums for Florida coverage. With that said, the protection is possibly not enough considering the risk of damage. Because coverage from private companies is often more expensive, the CPIC comes in and usually has much lower rates. As a matter of fact, most insurers decided to abandon their businesses in Florida because the claim may result in outrageous expenses. With many providers leaving the state, CPIC is an excellent choice if you cannot find coverage at a cheaper rate.

Switching to Citizens Home Insurance 

Homeowners also gladly make the switch from their previous insurers to Citizens Home Insurance for various reasons. Since the state owns CPIC, it is not in the business of making a profit. The primary purpose is to protect the people of Florida without gaining any corporate profit. To be able to keep doing its job, it has to take a high monthly premium. While some people consider Citizens Insurance Florida a last resort, the corporation is the best option and should not be avoided.

The best thing is that it is safe; when the corporation is your insurer, it is also certain to say that the government protects your properties. Being a non-profit insurer means the company will not use the monthly premium for other purposes of any kind. The money will be used merely for insurance. Of course, you are always allowed to choose to be insured by other Florida home insurance firms available, which are possibly cheaper. You can do a little research online to find the most suitable insurer for your properties based on your personal preferences.

Florida Is Not A Dangerous Place to Live

Florida is not the most dangerous place to live. Nevertheless, the threats of total property destruction by natural disasters are real. The existence of Citizens Insurance or CPIC makes it easier for anyone who lives in Florida to get their houses appropriately insured. The state’s weather issues make even some notable names in the insurance industry abandoned businesses in the state; it suggests that even the most expensive insurer is not always reliable.

Citizens Property Insurance Florida is a straightforward solution. It will not abandon its state in times of trouble. In case your house is located in risky places, the homeowner insurance is probably expensive. However, the properties, as investments, are always better when well-protected. However, if your house is at a more secure location, you may want to compare some private insurers to get the cheapest rates. The coverage for homes that are not exposed to the danger of natural disasters should be less expensive. Rates will vary quite a bit based on your Florida zip code. 

Final Considerations about Citizens Insurance Florida

If you think the premium rates for CPIC are too expensive, you may want to consult an independent insurance agent to get the best homeowners insurance. Such agents do not work for any company but try to give you the best options depending on your circumstances. You can even search online and compare the quotes from many companies available in Florida.

As insurance companies compete against each other, the prices for coverage become cheaper also. Suppose your research is thorough enough and you are working with a good agent. In that case, there is always a possibility that you get affordable homeowner insurance without spending too much, yet you have the protection you need. 

Many people like the convenience and privacy of comparison shopping of home insurance quote online.

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