Victoria Insurance Review

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Victoria Insurance Company

Victoria Insurance was established in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1983. The company initially focused on providing low-cost personal auto insurance, emphasizing non-standard policy options. Victoria, a thriving division of the Nationwide Insurance Company, is still in operation today.

Victoria still adheres to its basic ideals of providing excellent security and insurance, leading products that proliferate, and exceptional service. Personal coverage is available in 26 jurisdictions, and business auto insurance is permitted in 15 states.

Five different organizations make up Victoria Insurance Group. Included among them are: 

  1. Victoria Fire and Casualty Company is a fire and casualty company based in Victoria. 
  2. Victoria Automobile Insurance Company is a company that provides automobile insurance. 
  3. Victoria National Insurance Company is a company based in Victoria, British Columbia. 
  4. Victoria Specialty Insurance is a specialty insurance company based in Victoria, British.
  5. Victoria Select Insurance Company is based in Victoria, British Columbia.
Victoria Insurance

Victoria Auto Insurance 

Auto insurance is available from the company in a variety of forms, including:

Primary lines of coverage are available, including Liability-Only Policies (from state minimum coverage and up), Comprehensive, and Collision.

It’s important to remember that the degree of coverage offered in each of Victoria’s states differs. A local insurance agent can assist you in determining the scope of coverage available in your area.

Victoria Non-Standard Auto Insurance 

Victoria offers a wide range of insurance policies for auto insurance. This group of drivers has a poor driving record and has trouble getting insurance from regular providers.

In many cases, drivers with major driving violations, like reckless endangerment convictions, multiple at-fault collisions, and even DUIs (driving under the influence), are eligible for non-standard coverage.

In some cases, SR-22s may be necessary for specific drivers. You can submit an electronic proof of insurance to the DMV. Agents in Victoria can assist you in completing all of the required paperwork and organizing it properly. Get started by contacting an agent right away. Despite the company’s solid track record, many high-risk drivers may still be denied coverage by Victoria. Fill out a free online application by entering your zip code. Call now for a free estimate.

Commercial Auto Insurance 

Thousands of small businesses use vehicles for their daily operations, all requiring some form of insurance. Unlike many competing firms, Victoria Insurance offers commercial coverage at a lesser cost than others.

Victoria offers quality coverage at an affordable price and low down payments, whether you have a small or large fleet. You may qualify for multi-vehicle discounts if you have more than one business car. Speak with a representative immediately to find out how much you can save.

  • Victoria Insurance Discounts
  • Discount for Good Drivers 
  • Multi-Vehicle Discount for Senior Citizens 
  • Value for Students (must have a GPA of at least 3.5) 
  • Discounts for active military and veterans

Victoria Insurance Website

A separate website for selling Victoria Insurance has not existed since Nationwide purchased the company in 2003. However, the Victoria brand and its agents were retained by Nationwide. Victoria Insurance coverage and prices can be better understood by speaking with an insurance professional now.

Victoria Car Insurance Advantages 

There are various advantages to choosing Victoria over the alternatives:

  • Plans with Low Deposits: A $50 deposit is all that is required to get low-deposit coverage for safe drivers who fit certain criteria.
  • Customizable Payment Plans: You can set your own payment schedule with Victoria, and they will work with you to accommodate it. Several people pay their monthly payments on the first day of the month, while others submit on the fifteenth.
  • Cheapest Costs: When it comes to non-standard insurance, Victoria is regularly one of the most affordable options available in the states where it does business. Get free non-standard auto insurance quotes in minutes by contacting an agent by phone.
  • Top-notch customer service: When you need to cancel your insurance or file a claim, you can rely on Victoria’s team of professional representatives to assist you. You can reach a representative 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Final Take

Victoria Insurance should be on your shortlist if you are looking for cheap non-standard auto insurance. Comparing Victoria’s pricing with those of its rivals is a worthwhile effort if you want to find the best deal.

Unable to receive online quotes, make policy changes, or process claims through a personal website is one drawback of the system. There are 26 states where Victoria insurance can save.